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Robert J. Spencer

Executive Chair and FD


After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, Robert started a career as a serial entrepreneur during which he has started more than six separate businesses. His first Company, Fluid Dynamics International, a water treatment company, had the Pink Floyd among its original investors and it is still trading after over 45 years. Exporting 80% its products all over the world it is a world leader with its non-chemical technology.


A second was a sheet metal company, in this he was supported by the Irish Government it was a rescue situation and a major turn round was achieved and the company sold at profit for all investors.


Another was the establishment of the FSE Group now one of England’s largest suppliers of growth capital with almost £200m under management, 5 offices and over 50 employees. It is now 18 years old, growing rapidly.


As well as being an entrepreneur he was also Chairman of the investment committee for seven years of Biotechnology Investments PLC a $350 investment trust specialising in investing in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


He was also, for a number of years, a member of the South East England Economic Strategy Board of the institute of Chartered Accountants, a non-executive director of British Water and a member of the Council of the Irish Management Institute.


Believing passionately that the UK is brilliant at inventing but poorer at exploiting, he looks forward to helping make the Testavec genotoxicity testing process a world leader in its field.

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