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What is gene therapy?

This is a therapeutic method of delivering a functional copy of a gene to treat genetic disorders. This can be using a variety of viral and non viral vectors for gene delivery. 

What is genotoxicity?

Genotoxicity overviews the side effects associated with gene therapy vectors. With many viral and non viral vectors, the patient's genome can be effected on a molecular level. This can cause unwanted side effects, including oncogenesis. Some clinical trials have seen cancer develop in patients after gene therapy. As such, TestAVec is dedicated towards screening gene therapy vectors for safer treatment of patients with debilitating genetic disorders.

Where are TestAVec based?

Our headquarters are situated in Maidenhead. Our laboratory space resides at Brunel University London.

Does your platform only work with viral vectors?

Our platforms are amenable to testing the safety of both viral and non viral vectors used in gene therapy.

How long does it take to test gene therapy vectors?

Our platform, hInGeTox, tests vector safety in around 20 weeks.

Does TestAVec's platforms use animals?


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