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Testavec to be Bronze Sponsor and present at Oxford Global European Gene Therapy Online Conference

Brunel University Spin Out Testavec Ltd will be presenting its novel vector safety assessment platform at the Oxford Biosciences Conferences ( 5-6 May 2021)

The technology offers the first opportunity in the world to examine how human tissue reacts to vectors and their loads. Reducing or eliminating the need for animal testing and at the same time rapidly accelerating the ability to observe if a vector might be problematical. This is done in vitro and cells can easily be examined after 1, 3 and six months and of course there is no need for animal suffering or death with this process.

Commenting Dr. Michael Themis the developer of the novel process said. “ I have been working on this concept for almost 20 years. I was thrilled when NC3RS through their Crackit programme, along with GSK and Novartis recognised that this science could have a profound effect on assessing vector safety. Now we are starting to commercialise the process and we hope to save companies many millions of pounds and also many many mouse lives with this technology.”


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